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So, you are interested in becoming a credit card broker? Good Decision. Start earning money today as a “Credit Card Broker.” What will you be marketing? With our affiliate program, you will have the option to promote various financial products such as credit card offers, credit card merchant accounts, credit reports, loans, and more. Please note, we have absolutely NO tolerance for ANY type of SPAMMING at all. The partners we choose are completely up to our discretion, as you will be representing us with your marketing activities. There may be certain minimum requirements to participate in the program.

Click on the red button below to join our credit card affiliate program.

Who Can Become A Credit Card Broker?

Technically, anyone can, as long as we approve you that is! How do you get approved? Here are a few characteristics of people who have been accepted into the Credit Card Broker Program in the past:

  • Experienced marketers
  • Companies who feel they are set up to succeed in promoting credit cards
  • Ethical marketers/ white hat marketers
  • Websites with high volumes of quality traffic

We do reserve the right to reject anyone we choose with this program. We want your business! But we don’t want “Bad Business!”

Who Has Been Rejected Or Removed From Our Program In The Past?

  • Spammers
  • People with no experience in marketing. (This is not for newbies!)
  • Those who don’t follow privacy policy guidelines
  • People who don’t display a privacy policy and disclosure/terms page stating they are being compensated.
  • People who use black hat SEO methods
  • Those who purchase junk traffic, pop up traffic, etc  Ex: 100,000 hits for $100
  • Those who participate in email spamming, and other “shady” marketing practices.
  • Those who add our affiliate links to unapproved sites. Ex: message boards, classifieds, adult and gambling sites
  • Websites that are still under construction
  • Websites with nothing to offer but a bunch of advertising links with no direction
  • Also, your domain name must be unique ex: NOT name.domain.com BUT domain.com
  • Those who include our card offer links in random blog posts.  Each product should have a dedicate product page
  • Those who do not use ONLY our marketing materials
  • Those who misrepresent a products information
  • Those who violate trademark laws
  • Those who fill out credit card applications for someone else.  This is a BIG No No! Its a privacy policy issue.  This can create legal problems.
  • Those who act as if they are the banks customer service rep, and answer detailed questions about a card offer. (This is the banks job, NOT YOURS! This can also cause legal problems. Why?  (Product terms and conditions change so often, its easy to misrepresent a card offer.)

If you are interested in selling credit cards and want to join the Proxi Independent Group, LLC “Credit Card Broker” program, then fill out our online signup form today.

Please note, some banks may require your site to be “approved” prior to adding their specific card offers to your page.

If you have some questions that you would like to ask before joining, then contact us today.