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First Progress Secured Card Affiliate Program

Interested in joining the First Progress Secured Card Affiliate Program? Join today at CreditCardBroker.com.

Who should apply for this card?

The First Progress Secured Credit Card has been designed for customers who may have had credit issues in the past and need to re-build credit or who are just starting out and need to build new credit. First Progress seeks to serve the broadest possible set of applicants, especially individuals who are seeking to improve their credit going forward.

Does First Progress report activity on the card account to the credit bureaus?

Yes! In order to help their customers advance the accumulation of new information in their credit file, First Progress reports all usage and payment activity to all three national credit bureaus every month. NOTE: poor payment performance will negatively impact credit history.

Does it say “Secured” on the card?

No, the card face carries the words “Platinum”, “First Progress”, and “MasterCard”, and will be embossed with your name.

I sent in an application. How long will it take to receive a response?

CreditCardBroker.com is a marketing partner, we are not First Progress.  Please contact them direct with questions on your application or visit heir website.  First Progresses goal is to process applications in three weeks or less. If it has been longer than 3 weeks, and you have received no response from us, please contact them via their website.

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