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Dec 2016

First Progress Secured Credit Card Offer, Tips On The Application Process

The First Progress Secured Card - What To Know To Streamline The Application Process First Progress Secured Credit Card spacesmallIf you have bad or no credit, you may have been refused a credit card offer now or in the past. A secured credit card is a great option for people who want to start using credit cards. With a secured card, the applicant is required to make a deposit into an account with the coordinating bank. Below are some things to be aware of when applying for a secured credit card with First Progress Bank, Courtesy of CreditCardBroker.com and First Progress.spacesmall If you are interested in marketing the First Progress Secured Credit Card Contact CreditCardBroker.com at 973-220-5801 or partners@creditcardbroker.com spacesmallBelow are some tips to help you understand the application process. spacesmallWho Is The Ideal Candidate For A Secured Card? spacesmallAffiliates working to improve conversion should know that consumers who have just been declined for credit, and folks who have decided to improve their credit, are the strongest prospect segments for the card. Once someone has an interest in secured cards, the First Progress MasterCard options with a minimum deposit of $200 and Annual Fees as low as $29 are a terrific choice. See All offers here: https://www.creditcardbroker.com/first-progress-secured-platinum-mastercard/ spacesmallIs it guaranteed approval? spacesmallNo secured card is guaranteed. With the First Progress Secured Card, the only credit related requirement is that you cannot have filed an active (undischarged) bankruptcy case that's still unresolved in court. Other than that, anyone with the minimum of $200 refundable deposit, and the ability to pass the ID verification and age requirement can be approved for a First Progress Card. spacesmallApplying For the First Progress Secured Card spacesmallThe online application process is simple and straightforward. There are questions on monthly income and monthly debt obligations. These are used to make sure the applicant can make payments on the card when its used, NOT to check or share with the government in any way. Some people are worried about reporting their income, while others are concerned they can't document it. Neither one should worry with regards to this card application. spacesmallUsing The Proper Address To Avoid Automatic Bureau Mismatch Problems. spacesmallIf the applicant uses an address that is not listed on their credit bureau, it can create a Bureau mismatch problem. According to First Progress, "This happens when someone applies using an address that’s not listed on that person’s credit bureau. Banks need to verify the ID of every new applicant, and this usually happens automatically when the SSN, DoB, and Address info on a card application match up with what’s on file at the credit bureaus and at the vendors who provide ID Verification services for fraud prevention. Whenever possible, an applicant for our card should use the address on the card application that’s been used for other financial relationships. If our card is the first item using a new address, we will reach out to the applicant by phone, post, and email to try to get additional verification. This step is very easy once we reach the applicant, and it can usually be done over the phone by having the applicant answer one or two questions. Anyone using an alternate address on a credit card application should expect to be contacted, and a prompt response to the ID Verification step will make sure the application moves forward to the approval stage." spacesmallCredit Bureau Reporting spacesmallThis account will report to the credit bureaus, so use it wisely, and you can build a history (hopefully positive) so you can start to consider an unsecured card in the future and not have to make a deposit for collateral. spacesmallFunding the Card spacesmallWhen applying, you should be ready to fund the deposit, or at least understand that this is a requirement to get this credit card. Its always best to have your atm and account information with you at the time of the application, so you can fund the card at the time of the application. The credit line you receive is based on the deposit amount, not the credit file. Don't worry, you will get the deposit back if you decide to close the account in the future as long as no balance is owed. spacesmallHow Do I Pay My Monthy Bill? spacesmallIt’s best to have a checking account before getting any credit card account, because paying the monthly statement bills is so important and doing this without a checking account can be difficult. The First Progress Card accepts alternate payment channels – such as the online transfer services that are members of RPPS – and this can be a great way to pay because you get almost immediate funds availability. But this still requires a bank account. Getting money orders or using Western Union tends to be too costly for folks to use to pay their monthly bills. Much better to have a checking account or an online bank account before adding a credit card to the mix. spacesmallIf you are interested in earning commissions marketing the First Progress Secured Credit Card Contact CreditCardBroker.com at 973-220-5801 or email partners@creditcardbroker.com

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