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Dec 2012

Getting Affiliate Traffic in 2013

So, you heard some buzz on the internet that you can make money online, with no inventory, no shipping, no employees, no business rent, utilities, furniture, and equipment.  Well, I will start with the pros first.  Yes!  You can earn money online without many of these costs, with an affiliate program.   The Cons?  Affiliate Marketing is VERY competitive, has rules and regulations, and can cost hundreds and thousands of advertising dollars to get traffic to your website!

Which Affiliate Network Should I Join?

There are many types of affiliate networks out there on the net.  Some focus on all products, others focus on specific industries. First decide what you want to promote, then find a network that has those products.

Affiliate Network of the Day! One popular, very profitable affiliate program is a  credit card affiliate program.  If you decide, for example, that you would like to start selling credit cards with the well known credit card affiliate program, CreditCardBroker.com (Ok, I happen to own this network), you certainly have the chance to start earning commissions every time a credit card offer is approved. But its not easy.  Some affiliates start earning money the day they start, and others never earned a dime!

So, Why Can It Be Difficult To Earn Money With An Affiliate Program?  Many times, a people treat these programs like get rich quick projects.  You may get luck and get some quick traffic, but the key is to develop a solid marketing plan, and stick with it.  Here are some helpful tips you can use to increase the odds of success with any affiliate program:

  • Build a content rich website that provides value to the visitor. Optimize your content with relevant keywords that are related to your product. Don't create content that is spammy.
  • Be sure the products or services are well presented, and easy to find the buy me button!
  • People won't magically find your site, you need to market it
  • Do blog posts regularly
  • Write and distribute press releases (be sure to check if the advertiser permits their brand name in all advertising.)
  • Announce your new product page to existing clients via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • PPC marketing can bring some great targeting traffic. Be sure to analyze the keywords that bring traffic, and determine which ones convert the best, and cost the least.
  • Email marketing may be permitted for certain affiliate programs.
  • Don't give up! Most affiliates get excited, spend some money, don't make money, and give up. Did you know often, people don't make a dime the first year in business? Did you also know some people make money the day they start?

As you can see, there are many ways that you can get traffic and exposure for your affiliate links. If you have a great search engine optimization campaign, and rank well for competitive keywords with traffic, you certainly can make money with your affiliate products. In recent years, Social Media is also HUGE resource for your to direct traffic to your affiliate website.

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