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Pros and Cons of Paying Off Collections

Pros and Cons of Paying Off Collections Having a collection on your credit report can be stressful, especially if you’re thinking about applying for new credit. How will the lender or creditor view an old collection, especially if it has … Continue reading

Free Business Credit Score With NAV

Free Business Credit Score With NAV Every Nav Account includes: Proprietary MatchFactor technology Analyzes your credit profile. Compares it with hundreds of top business lenders and credit cards. Creates scores that show chances of being approved. All without affecting your … Continue reading

About Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit, Definitions, And How To Apply

Hello and Today you will learn about secured credit cards, how they can help, and where you can apply for one. Have you been refused a credit card in the past? has a possible solution for you! Apply for … Continue reading

First Progress Secured Credit Card Offer, Tips On The Application Process

The First Progress Secured Card – What To Know To Streamline The Application Process If you have bad or no credit, you may have been refused a credit card offer now or in the past. A secured credit card is … Continue reading

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How Can Secured Credit Cards Help Your Credit Score?

A secured card by definition is a credit card that is secured by a bank deposit into an account in the cardholders name. Typically, the deposit amount would be the line of credit the bank is willing to offer the consumer, because this deposit is considered collateral.

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Getting Affiliate Traffic in 2013

So, you heard some buzz on the internet that you can make money online, with no inventory, no shipping, no employees, no business rent, utilities, furniture, and equipment.  Well, I will start with the pros first.  Yes!  You can earn money online without many of these costs, with an affiliate program.   The Cons?  Affiliate Marketing is VERY competitive, has rules and regulations, and can cost hundreds and thousands of advertising dollars to get traffic to your website! Continue reading

Affiliate Definition

What is the definition of the word affiliate?

Affiliate has many meanings. When used with regards to “Affiliate Marketing,” and affiliate is another person or entity who assists a company in marketing their products or services. Another word for affiliates is publisher. Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that allows a business to pay commissions for any business or leads generated. Its most commonly used in electronic commerce; however there are programs out their with “offline” marketing as well.

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