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Marketing Credit Cards Provide Another Revenue Source For Your Business

Credit Card Affiliate Marketing is a modern marketing concept and a good way to make money promoting credit products on the web. Any person, website owner, or business who markets and promotes credit cards on the web is popularly known as a “credit card broker” or affiliate publisher. To become a credit card affiliate one has to meet certain requirements that are set by an “Affiliate Network.”

Not Everyone is accepted into our Affiliate Program

Not everyone gets approved to become a credit card affiliate. There are many characteristics that an affiliate network would look for in an affiliate. Good credentials are a good business plan, a high traffic website, a unique business development concept, are a few things that might help you get accepted into our “Credit Card Broker” program. Websites be complete and serve a particular purpose, not just providing links and advertisements of various websites. Another words, not just link farm.

All our affiliates are bound by the privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, and the rules and marketing regulations of the provider and any associated laws in the industry. To become a credit card affiliate, one has to sign up on our website and complete the affiliate marketing agreement. Applicants should follow ethical practices at all times and should ensure conformance to the set standards of marketing. Any credit card marketing affiliates that use unethical marketing measures such as black hat SEO and the purchasing junk traffic will be deleted from our program without question. There is absolutely no tolerance for spammers in our program.

Which Credit Card Offers Can I Promote?

Members earn commissions when selling credit cards (For each approved account that is opened) Our unique affiliate network seeks to reach individuals looking to promote various types of credit cards, to inform consumers of the features and benefits for each credit card offer and a link permitting them to apply for a card online. To become a credit card affiliate it is also necessary to know the fundamentals of different cards so that they can properly promote these cards. Promotions of credit cards are not considered investment advice. Marketing credit cards can be VERY competitive in today’s market.


How much money can I earn marketing credit cards?

It depends on how good of a marketer you are. Some people never earn a dime, some earns hundreds and even thousands. Hard work, dedication, and a passion for internet marketing are a few characteristics of our successful affiliates.

How do I know how many sales I have?

You will gain access to a sales platform that shows sales as they occur, and live click data.

How Often Do I Get Paid?

Once a Month. We pay on a cash in cash out basis. We do not require minimum payouts.

How do I know how many sales I have?

To see a full list of credit cards available to promote contact us.

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